Install pseudomsir

You can install pseudomsir from GitLab


or GitHub


Convert mass spectrometry data to pseudoMS image

Please convert your mass spectrometry raw data to mzXML or mzML format first using msconvert or R package massconverter.

Then use the convert_raw_data2pseudoms_image function from pseudomsir package to convert mzMXL or mzML format to images.

Then put the mzXML data in the demo_data folder.

convert_raw_data2pseudoms_image(file_name = "demo_data/QCP11.mzXML")
  |                                                                      |   0%
  |=======================                                               |  33%
  |===============================================                       |  67%
  |======================================================================| 100%
## agg_png 
##       2

And then one image (png) with the same name of mzXML file will be put in the same folder.